The Ocean Isn't Big

from by Patrick Canning



the ocean isn’t half as big
as I have heard it said
and if I could I’d try to find you
at your journeys end
and pull your frigid hands around me
and hold me in the dirt
rock me like an ocean liner
until my stomach hurts
don’t make me have to close my eyes
and find you in the dark
tell me, tell me where you are
and don’t kiss me on the eye
don’t make try to swim
don’t tie me to the hook
and try to lure those fishes in
and if your hands should touch the spot
where I had struck my head
I would think of all the times
you stained my weary bed
and fed me oysters with your hands
until I’m soaking wet
throw me in that ocean valley
I would not regret
cause you cannot give me anything
that I already have
just hold me, hold me in your hands.


from PATRICK, released August 23, 2006
Alison Corbett - Violin
Patrick Canning - Everything else




Patrick Canning St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

With the voice of an angel and cheeks every grandma longs to pinch.

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