Boiling Onions

from by Patrick Canning



when I saw him the last time
there was nothing to do for him them
his head was an onion
that was boiled and then peeled to the stem
we ran to the shoreline and waited for the ship to come in
but we waited until sunrise and slowly walked back to the den
checked for clothes and razor
made sure our prints were gone
press our ear to the highway
and sang this army song
the seagulls harmonize
their cold open throats
rape the wind as we ride
found our way to a city
and got jobs in disguise
saved all of our money
and saved a hoard of supplies
found a house in the country
raised cows from dusk til dawn
raised a small little family
and kept our curtains drawn
for there are lions in the hillside
there are serpents in the field
there are wolves there
there are tigers
there are cobras and black widow spiders
you ask why I'm laughing
well I've stopped pretending to cry
i'll just sit with the passenger
with the flare gun and watch by his side
stick our necks through the foam
and keep a close watch on the tide
keep our lives in a box
and throw our papers out the side
and as soon as the day breaks
I'll send a signal out to you
don't wait up for me darling
this road goes one way through
do you realise there's no end?
do you realise there's no end?


from PATRICK, released August 23, 2006
Alison Corbett - Violin
Patrick Canning - Everything else




Patrick Canning St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

With the voice of an angel and cheeks every grandma longs to pinch.

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