The Pervert

by Patrick Canning

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'THE PERVERT" An epic recording, bloated and indulgent to the extreme!. 17 tracks of total nonsense, 80 minutes of music about murderers, orphans, fugitives, prisoners, lunatics, arsonists, politicians, and perverts. It's more me then you can handle, and I'm willing to bet that's true. The Scope says about The Pervert

From the Scope Dec 2007
Patrick Canning
The Pervert
Working at a call centre for 11 months may make you detest humanity, but it doesn't mean you can't turn that around and make a quirky, fascinating, at times even powerful album of 80 minutes long at the same time. He works with a broad palette of instruments and swoops easily from traditional-sounding tunes to high-experimentation. With The Pervert, Canning has poured himself into a clear glass—the outcome may not go down easy, but it definitely gives you a healthy serving of food for thought. EL


released May 25, 2007

Patrick Canning - everything except where noted.




Patrick Canning St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

With the voice of an angel and cheeks every grandma longs to pinch.

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Track Name: When all mass has stopped moving
when all mass has stopped moving and nothing is drawn to nothing
and everything is equal to itself
was there any point at all in this discusion when someone could not see
that there was no alternative in sight
but when you held my hand in the backseat of that taxi after the party
a new way was set to light
tell me what is the taste of the broken air between us
the city squints at the salt coloured light
it reminds of a story where all light is revealed to see only shadows on the sun
a dog with no legs trips and swallows his tongue and is pulled along the ground by the pull of the sun
Track Name: Blocks
we waded out halfway to the boats in the bay
when we heard the fireworks calling
when I shed off my skin I felt the knife in my chin
and was thrown back to the waves where I'm crawling
and they dragged me ashore and my legs were all tore
with my hands in the air when you called me
when I woke up that night there was nothing but light
and the thought in my head that you'd fallen
I'm stripped and I'm struck at my temple
I'm strapped and I'm screwwed to a table
I'm strung out and scrubbed and I'm lit from above
and I've told them all that I'm able
the blood is allowed to congeal and dry
it's sealed up the eye on my right
this room is so cold and I do what I'm told
I might never get out to the light
I've been pinned to the ground and pissed upon
they scream and dig trails in my cheek
I writh and I squeal with their heals in my groin
and I'm thrown with the rest of the weak
theres no two ways back down this side
wait in the darkness so you hide
and take this pill this beautiful pill
I'll start digging graves if you will
and take this pill this beautiful pill
I'll start digging graves if you will
dispicable madness the claws at my face
the ugly man chewing his arm in your place
with devices that kill set to your heart
an ocean of bodies that I'll never part
your in the bushes and trenches wheat fields and corn
you've slept in the caves where the bear cub was born
you're spreading your wings and you'll fly to the north
where you'll never see their blood again you'll never see their blood again
watch out for my gun
you wait for me
Track Name: Age of the bees
in the age of the bees
I was in from the seas
the dogs awaken
sweat in the heat of the night
wash your hands from the fight
the tang of metal
feel the heat of the lead
hands held under your head
as they wander around
and watch you lie on the ground
feel so small
woke up next to your face
clothes all over the place
I hear you calling out mother
trapped in this old garage
doors are all sabotaged
candle our only light
and I am frightened
live on old scraps of meat
the sounds of pounding of feet
skin grown hard in the cold
my teeth grown black I am told
Track Name: Burn their cities to ruins
I was just calling to see that your well
I hope that your doing okay
are all the doctors that see to your health
been taking your symptoms away?
and when your better I'll take you to town
we'll dance and we'll drink the cafes
and then the world will be better at last
since I know that you're in it to stay
here in my arms I said here in my arms
oh now no one will take you away
and if they try to I'll and if they try to
I'll burn burn burn burn their cities to ruins
outside the window of this train that I'm on
the world is so cold and so gray
I was so eager to go to the west for money and boredom and fame
but now since the fire each day that I'm gone is another intestinal pain
the thought of you there in that hospital bed
wanting to see you again
so don't be so lazy now
don't be so lazy the whole world is waiting for you
and if you call on me and if you call there's nothing that I wouldn't do
cause here in my arms I said here in my arms
oh now no one will take me from you
and if they try to I'll and if they try to
I'll burn burn burn burn their cities to ruins
Track Name: Black painted bells
black painted bells
in the rubble
it caught her eye
in that summer that beastley july
out in the devil town
combing the ruins
my sister and I
when the flood was gone
and left the land dry
searching for food
in abandoned shacks
collecting papers
and old coloured glass
and there my heart
was left in the grass
with this world forever broken
you and I would always raise a glass and give a token
to the peace that is our home
we settled to a little house
near a river where I fished for trout
the grass grew high up to your mouth
but you were just a girl of seven
who only knew of heaven
I was a boy of seventeen
I was hunting birds in the evergreens
I left you playing by the stream
you must've wandered past the hollow
where I warned you not to follow
when I came back the night had come
and I found out exactly what I'd done
you were lost and without the sun
it was impossible to find you
no trail left behind you
ten times hell I feel the shame
no one else can take the blame
I'd throw myself into the flames
if that would only just absolve me
her face revolves around me and tells me everything
Track Name: No second chance
you know what you need in your life and you know its not here for you
and you won't see it while your young
we all know deep down how we'll be better off
and we all know that it doesn't need a plan
the moment I stepped outside you were waiting to strike me down
do you think I would ever be that man
so sick of it all I would think of death
as another stupid page of my life
that no one no one no one no one like you'd ever read in your life
no one no one no one no one like you'd ever read in your life
deep into the heart of your mother is a hole
the blackest that was ever discovered in this world
theres no second chance this time I'm afraid that you're on your own
you'll have to find it for yourself
Track Name: St John's in the winter
St. John's in the winter
and the snow piles up to the light
and it's so hard in this blizzard
to see the cops on Water Street tonight
and St. John's in the winter
anywhere is a good place tonight
and I don't care where it takes me
anywhere is a good place to hide
and I can't get a conversation tonight
when Lisa stares she stares right through me
She can tell when theres going to be a fight
and everybody grab an ashtray
and everybody grab a light
I can't get a conversation tonight
pack yer backs I'm getting the fuck I'm leaving tonight
I can't get a conversation tonight tonight
don't you wanna get away get away from here tonight
Track Name: Why don't you call me?
on the wall's a shape
is that shape a bird?
and if I close the window
would you never be disturbed?
all of my posessions
all that I can see
I could just give it away
why don't you call me?
speak to me of hell
I'm never going to see it
don't pin me up with wings
I'd rather be a bird
wolves in the gutter
howling in the breeze
they've been tracking your smell
why don't you call me?
sword in your belly
handle in my hands
look of inquesition
jelly in the sand
for all of your concerns
you were so wrong to be
so quiet about it
why don't you call me?
Track Name: Harsh light
when you know your talking to nobody
just a spirit with a name
the graves are always empty
and your homes are just the same
the lies are just words that you strung in your hair
and its twisted and knotted like a halo of air
harsh light burns through your pointed skull
a flock of birds through you garden wall
I have wandered far and held myspace
I have seen the art of each homeless face
these days are cheap and I don't care about them
these days are cheap and I don't care about them
ever since the day your baby freeze in the cold
theres a bastard whos waiting in the garden I'm told
no survivors no survivors in this town
there's a hole in the side everybody fell down
there's a tidal bore in your racing gown
and no time for war in prison town
Track Name: The Debate
the time has come for you to realize
they'll be no second chance to get a warning
if you hold your tongue for fear of being wrong
you'll choke upon our fists before the morning
if you try that trick again and blame my children or my friends
who failled to meet expected contributions
you could save us from the load if you would lie upon the road
and a transport truck could be your execution
the time has come for ash to blot the sun
and let wickedness rain over ever woman
it time to hate your neighbour let your children run with knives
let the ugliness shine out in every human
you know you soud absurd
we need a thinning of the herd
never think that we are lacking a solution
turn your head again upon your family and friends
growing fatter everyday on our polution
the times arrived for life to be denied
for happiness to take the place of freedom
everyone should be a beggar everyone should eat with dogs
everyone should have to pay for their submission
I think that you misheard me
are you trying to disturb me
you could wash the vomit off with soap and water
you think you can refuse
forget the tools we never use
do you think that we'd just let them sit and rot there
you think it's a mistake that our intentions were all fake
I'd say you don't know shit of holding power
If I find that I am falling do you think I'd fall alone?
does it matter if its a cliff or its a tower?
Track Name: Golden Mountains
golden mountains golden shores
golden locks on all your doors
you're always stuck inside all day
the winter time blew us apart
and though my mind was on my art
it always will forever stay
on the rocks that line St. Georges Bay
hearts of diesel hearts of flint
between the two ignite with it
the flames that burn our cities down
this kind of war the taste you get
for babies hung up on bayonets
they line the room and cry no more
is it the only thing we're fighting for
the only bows and boughs you get
are flecked with blood from bayonets
and only heads where tumors grow
can understand the things you know
Track Name: The Pervert
there’s a body in the woods
there’s a body in the woods
there’s a body in the woods
but it’s not my sister
the trail stopped dead when we got to the trees
the watchdogs howling and the sirens in the breeze
every gate closed but they still disappear
face painted black body hung on a spear
wait down down with the gun
the dogs in the forest try to get you on the run now
this itchy finger will wait in the dark to write it all
hang out by the swingset push you on the swings
walk you to the woods where I heard you sing
watch you through your window creep into your hall
hide out in your closet listen through your wall
see you on the dance floor drinks by the bar
slip you little something and I drag you to my car
walk into the restroom see you by the sink
crackin’ all the mirrors turn the water pink
light is in the window car in the drive
phone you in your bedroom hear if your alive
tub full of razors pills on the shelf
pistol on the toilet I‘m talking to myself
follow on the sidewalk step on to your train
needle in my hand will help you with the pain
pull you to the alley you stab me in my arm
fumble with my hands and you raise the alarm
taking all your pictures sticky in my hand
burn everyone with you and your man
fall into hell and get blown to bits
can’t move at all except swallow and spit
mouth like a baby that’s ready to teethe
trapped in a box where you can’t even breathe
it all comes down to where you wanna sit
sit in the lake like a rack of shit
flap like a bird in the burning sea
sent like a rare white dove to me
scream like hell walking home tonight
safe like birds flying out like knives
calling every boy and girl in town
all the sky has turned from black to brown
old moms praying while I defecate
old pills and rope into the mouths of babes
in the land of truth and the sickening snot
with the black light burning
through the holes in your heart
black like the wind and white like the snow
the snow from the bleeding hearts below
in the home of the saints and sainted light
in the home when the man comes home tonight
when the sun don’t burn and the leaves don’t change
and the wheels don’t turn and the boys don’t age
the cancer spreads like you spread your legs
I will hold head like a sake of eggs
when the birds don’t fly and the worms don’t crawl
and I see you creeping through the garden wall
when the knives don’t cut and the cows don’t call
and his are eyes are big but his hands are small