Sex Lives of the Paralyzed

by Patrick Canning

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The complexities and pointlessness of sexual relations and the confronting of inevitable physical and mental decline are the two main themes of this album. Dealing with depression and sexual frustration are the two biggest complications I dealt with during the production of this record. Right now I am tired, as I have been through most of this year. Here is an allegorical approximation of my thematic attempts presented as a chapter of the Kama Sutra translated from Hindu to English to Japanese back to English using free translation software.

A/the lie making the time to the assemblies 'the high conference' of the method, various kinds that down where attached differ should become in order that Mrigi (a/the deer) a/the woman expands a/the woman shade picture, should become a side in order that Hastini (an/the elephant) a/the woman ties her thing with 'a low conference', on the other hand a side however, with 'an equal conference' those should become in the position of nature a side. 《主語なし》Being said when regarding some Mrigi and Hastini it matches to Vadawa (a/the female horse) a/the woman. 《文字数オーバー》

《主語なし》It is called' the position where is opening 'largely, when she, raises and part the thigh and keep them widely and engage in a/the conference.

《主語なし》When she causes a/the foot become 2 times with a/the side with them and put the thigh and engage in a/the conference like this it is called the position of Indrani and this depends only to implementation [a/the practice] and be learned. A/the position is useful in the case of 'the highest conference' similarly.

《主語なし》To hold very much, with)' the position which is ('縒れて 'an urgent position' with 'a low conference' and 'the position' is used with 'the lowest conference' and it is the 'the position of a/the female horse'.

The foot of the male and woman [the female] are called 'a/the position' to hold very much, at the time of the straight line part that each other of top was extended. 《主語なし》Entrusting it 2 pieces of kinds, side position and also you according to, [a/the way] the method that those become a side it is a that position. Without fail the male in a/the side position becomes a side on a left side and should cause to become on the side on the right side of her a side a/the woman and supposed to be defended with that this rule [control] becomes a side with the women of all the kinds.

The woman is called 'an urgent position', when she pushes the sweetheart [the lover] in the thigh after the conference started it in a/the position to hold very much.

《主語なし》It is called' the position which is '縒れて, when the woman puts 1 piece of the thigh to the thigh of a/the sweetheart [a/the lover].

It is the 'the position of the female horse' where the woman is called, when lingam after it restrains a/the woman shade picture of to it with power ずく. This depends only to implementation [a/the practice] and, be learned and


released August 1, 2008

Alison Corbett - All violin sounds
Steve Abbott - Drums on "Crutches"
Victor Lewis - Lead guitar on "Crutches"
Patrick Canning - Everything else




Patrick Canning St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

With the voice of an angel and cheeks every grandma longs to pinch.

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Track Name: Flower Printed Linen
Breathing the smoke from our burning city
I haven't the words for our rescue committee
The saber collapses on soft muffled stones
And I hear your distraction in your hard cluttered bones
I will not falter with the lies you are spinnin’
Or spill it too soon on your flower printed linen
Track Name: When I Dream
When I dream of dollars and bills
When I dream of things I can kill
Don’t stall my ambition the bullet going through my head was aimed at the sky
When you dream there’s nothing inside
But don’t worry baby I’m still here
And when I dream of things I can use
And you dream of deaths in the news
Something like a blood clot flows through me
You gotta know who you are
Don’t you talk about it it hurts me to find your head so empty and soft
Cause’ when you dream you don’t go very far
Just take another pill and roll to me
Track Name: Let's Go To The Park
The insufferable stench of trees
Making me sick to my bowels
Out in the poisonous sunlight
With the miserable cawing of seagulls
The tackiest bushes of roses
Leaving me bleeding and torn
I was kissed by a charmless old woman
Holding the ugliest babe ever born
Fat children playing with hand held devices
In the filthiest old patch of dirt
Lets go to the park when the sky is too dark
To see the blood stains on your shirt
Disgusting slobbering puppies
Stupidly wagging their tails
Apparently haven’t discovered
How all happiness is destined to fail
The sickening sight of a senior
Cracking their pale withered face with a grin
Is a clear and direct indication
That to celebrate life is a sin da da da da
Track Name: Crutches
When the pain gets too much
And you can’t find a hand you can touch
And the moment has gone
But you still find yourself hanging on
And you wish you could stop
And give up everything that you’ve got
Take-awhile to consider my claim
Cause’ I’m not gonna lose at this game
Well it’s a terrible sight
The way the body moves through the night
When all the wine treats you wrong
And they’ve stolen all the words to your song
Picking the scab off too soon
Will you never let me in to this room
Well you leave us no doubt
Swearing your tongue hanging out
Take your damn hands off of me
Believe what you want to believe
Back off and stay where you are
Cause’ I don’t think you’ll get very far
On your own
With nobody
On your own
Tell your mother
Take the road
Satan’s army
On your own
With nobody
Track Name: Living in This Yard
Buckshot holes right through your bucket ass
Black tarp wedding dress, blood on the grass
You don’t know why it’s wrong
In the perfect song
Eating what you want
Homes you want to haunt
Honey moon ski-mask burnt lingerie
VHS tapes taken away
You don’t know why it’s hard
Living in this yard
Getting by on scraps
Taking power naps
Spider web handjobs, grease painted crows
Endless orphans runny noses
Don’t know why it’s hard
Living in this car
Crawling in the dark
Watching how it starts
Track Name: Ultimate Evil
Ultimate evil in the face of those who care
Out of the throats and mouths of most anybody here
A soft and muttered sound
I’m not you’ll prove me wrong
With the stone in your palm
And the cross on your lawn
The seal could crack and dissolve
And that would just be fine
If in this fever I will to death too long
Just take a walk outside to where you belong
And leave the corpse alone
I cannot offer you a home
And that’s all you’ll ever know
Track Name: Fat Bodies
Move your fat body over here
Send your frigid hands across my back
And in the meantime with your smokers mouth
Send your kisses to me
And move your fat body a little closer to me
We haven’t talked for quite awhile
I guess that’s okay with me
With your knotted hair inside my mouth
In this sweaty bed we share
Move your fat body a little closer to me
Track Name: Curious Mouths
And I feel the sticky tongues of curious mouths
Tangled up in the hair of this whory old town
When you seek the kinda peace that never runs out
Pour it into my bowl and carry me out
And the sargent gives a charge to murder yourself
To turn the sun into ash and cripple the clouds
And the rags you came upon have ruined your health
There's nothing left to hold on except the notch on your shelf
Get that son of a bitch on the line and tell him you love him
Take the fastest express lane to hell and fill up on tears
Hide with your corpse coloured knives and wait in the darkness
Watch the weakest excuse for a god shudder in fear
Hold on you have no imagination
Hold on the bullets are free
Hold on in the sweet smelling undergrowth
Hold on
Track Name: All Along The Waterfront
Get your cocks out boys they’re coming
The WAAF’s are on parade
And I held you at a knifes edge
As they fell into the waves
Oh it’s oh so hateful
It’s too brutal to be real
But I need you to remind me
Just how good a knife can feel
And your eyelids look like assholes
And the line goes down the block
Were you crying for your children
As they’re dashed against the rocks
And all along the waterfront
There’s a laughing sneering crowd
Who will bind your mouth with bandages
If your screaming gets too loud
Track Name: Honey Bee
Honey Bee, Honey Bee where have you gone?
Track Name: Disemboweling Chickens
Disemboweling little chickens
With my handsaw everyday, everyday
And with my hands wet
Their sloppy secrets
Dripping from them into the tray, into the tray
Into the tray
The hooks and beltlines
On the parade of chicken bodies
In December this wicked fever
My weeping sister is carried away, carried away
And while I’m walking
To work this morning
I felt a warning enter the fray
Into the fray, no not today
And now the wet floor
Slips from beneath my greasy handsaw la la da da
I remember my own mother
Kissing my hands “don’t go away, don’t go away”
“Let me tell you, that place will kill you
I know I know you are wasting away,
Wasting away, wasting away”
And now I see my eviscerated hand in the sky
Track Name: Here's Another Card
Where do you go
When your hands are cold and you don’t wanna move
And your high above the weakness under you
And your shaking where you stand and where you move
And you hear the sound of someone in the nude
Where do you go
And you believe the things you hear and read
And you don’t pretend to know what’s happening
Am I just that dark hole
Where do you go
And you can’t consume those things they feed to you
And you only hear the voices in the room
Well here’s another card
Down the street or deep into the night
By yourself
Into the night by yourself
Track Name: Stop Projection
Sunsets mean nothing at all
There’s no wisdom in the fall
There’s no love up in the sky
There’s no place for you and I
There’s no story to a dream
No incentive in a stream
No soul inside a wall
There’s no one to hear the call
Track Name: Don't be Scared
The boys are still on fire but the girls are unafraid
and who could every hope to understand?
Your looking for a bottle at the bottom of a grave
and no ones even there to lend a hand
don't be lonely don't be scared
I have you so I'm prepared