Rag Pilot Mayfly

by Sad Tax

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Made for the 2014 RPM Challenge.


released March 1, 2014

Patrick Niceman everything except violin sounds which are by Alison Corbett




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Patrick Canning St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

With the voice of an angel and cheeks every grandma longs to pinch.

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Track Name: Everybody had a good time
everybody’s had a good time tonight
I hope you feel alright
everybody’s had their fun
there’s a taxi waitin’ for ya
don’t expect me to drive
I wouldn’t want to kill ya
I’m too drunk to stay alive
everybody’s had their fun
everybody’s having fun
everybody’s having fun
everybody’s got someone
you need a different kind of lover
cause Imma different kinda man
you need a different kind of lover
you can’t take me as I am as I am
you can’t take me as I am as I am
Everybody’s havin’ fun
Track Name: We're out of wine
Black tar heroin
smoke in your skull
everyone and everything’s
out of control
we’re out of wine
we’re out of wine

White bread sandwiches
coleslaw and fries
everyone and everything
someday will die
we’re out of wine
we’re out of wine

it’s all for ghosts
and don’t want this toast
with your bony fingers on throat

Hot lube hand grenades
handcuffs and blood
everyone and everything’s
falling in love
we’re out of wine
we’re out of wine
Track Name: Light Knife Woman
There’s a light at the end of the road and it’s a catchin’ up on me
There’s a light at the end of the road and it’s all that I can see
There’s a light and I know that the right and the left are not for me
There’s a light and it’s blinding oh it’s blinding

There’s a knife it’s so pretty and bright and I hold it close to me
There’s a knife at the end of a life it’s as sweet as sweet can be
There’s a knife and I hold it so tight that I can almost feel it breathe
There’s a knife and it’s shining oh it’s shining

There’s a woman at the end of the stairs and she’s staring into me
There’s a woman at the end of the stairs with her hair down to her knees
There’s a woman and she holds in her hands all the prayers the children leave
There’s a woman and she’s smiling oh she’s smiling
Track Name: I’ll spend most of my life a ghost
As you can tell now I’m not at home
So leave a message after the tone
And I’ll be sure to call you after I’m dead

There’s is nothing left in this world
but a shadow resembling a girl
I was here to watch the whole thing burn
and it burns

to the ground to the ground
I hold it all too close but I won’t walk away from it
since I have all the time anyway

I’ll hold your broken hand
and try to understand
Why that a heartbeat’s nothing more than a sound

but I’m around I’m around
I’m not underground but I am not alive kinda
anyway’s, I’m here today to see it all run out

I’m around I will see how it goes tonight
I will see if it beats all this nothing
Track Name: All dogs are born with invisible eyes
home is where the heart is where the heart is where the home is going to be
I have heard ten thousand words ten thousand words I’ve heard repeat to me
There’s a little piece of him inside a swollen second skin
people stink and people smell and people think they smell so well
slide a sticky finger into slippery slick and sickly sinues
There’s a word I heard that seemed to herd the words I’m certain mean to
hurt the certain certain person that heard the word and slashed the curtain
In the centre of the world’s a sweet and sticky carmel swirl
there’s a place where I have found the sound that sounds the place I found for me
In the world that you see into is the world that sees to bring you
serve the herd and secret service and purpose jump the swollen surface
the furnace burns and turns the fumes to certain terms I’ve learned read through
one by one by one by one by one the bullets left my gun
two by two by two by three you see the sea that’s free to see
theres a point of view that pointed you to view the point inside of me
specify the ties that tie you to the sky disguised as spies who
scandalize the skys who tie you to the lies that tries to bind you
realize the the tides that hide you cannot be disguised as lies to
there’s a special way to play the way they say the play is supposed to be
Track Name: You were high I was screaming
You were high
I was screaming
it was cold
and I was leavin’
You were high
I was drownin’
you were not wrong
I was there
you were high
I was broken
There was code
in your words
you were high
I was screaming
out to your hole
Track Name: The price of gold is gold
I have a way you can change how you feel in an instant in an instant
you can take it in any number of ways
it’ll make what you fear most dissolve into garbage into garbage
and all you’ll have left is a smile on your face

I have a way I can change how you think about yourself yourself
it’ll make you so much more of a saint
You will walk around town without thinkin’ about assholes assholes
You will look in the mirror and know you look great
all I need is just three hundred dollars a day
Track Name: Fucking Fuckin' Fuckers
in this world full of fucking fucking fuckers
who just want to fuck you in the middle of the day
in this world full of fucking fucking fuckers
who just want to fuck you in each and every way

Can you get out I need to know this
can you get out without slicing your throat
can you get out can you break free from this
can you break free and take the world to the grave